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Dog Parks in Lake County

By: Jonathan Jones 06/10/2020

Dog parks in Lake County are all around the area to help throw man’s best friend the party they deserve.

On this day, we embrace our little buddy that gives us companionship, safety and is a piece of our family.

The goal of National Dog/Puppy Day in Lake County is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year.

Whatever breed you have, they need a little place like where the deer and the antelope play. If you’re looking for a place for Lassie, Fido, Old Yeller, Sounder or any other type of REAL-life canine to play, have the dog parks in Lake County to tickle their fancy. Most of them are located in Lake County Forest Preserves.

Some of the services may not be available due to the public health crisis.

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Also when you’re traveling over next weekend to Lake County, man’s best friend also has a place to stay. There is a slew of hotels in the Lake County that are not only dog-friendly but pet-friendly.

So here’s a list of dog parks in Lake County that your best friend and roommate can roam, play and meet & greet some bachelor and bachelorettes as we celebrate National Dog Day.

All forest preserve dog parks in Lake County are open 6:30 a.m.-7 p.m. or sunset, but closed until 11 a.m. on the first and third Thursday of the month through April and October.

Independence Grove Dog Park 31531-, 32499 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville

According to North Shore magazine, Independence Grove’s dog park was named ‘Best Dog Park.’ The park features a 30-acre fenced area with open fields, wooded areas and a large pond that dogs are able to swim in. Permits are required not only for this dog park in Lake County, but all four in the Lake County Forest Preserves. Daily permits can be purchased in advance online or at a self-pay station located in the parking lot of each Dog Park.

Waukegan Savanna Dog Park 3800 York House Rd.

The 11-acre area is entirely fenced and features a large open area, a separate enclosed area for small dogs weighing less than 25 pounds, shade shelters with seating, drinking water for dogs and people, toilets, and a large parking lot.

Lakewood Dog Park 27473, 27511 N Fairfield Rd, Wauconda

This spot is a popular and humongous location. The Wauconda dog park in Lake County features 66-acres entirely fenced, large open meadow, mowed trails, parking area, toliets and a shade shelter.

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Duck Farm Dog Park Hwy 132 and Douglas Ln, Lake Villa

One of four of the designated dog parks, where canines can run on their own leashless. The area features a 48-acre fenced area, open fields, grass trails, toilets, water and a drinking fountain.

Prairie Wolf Dog Park  1917-20175 S. Waukegan Rd., Lake Forest

Area features 44-acres for your canine, training enclosures, large fields, trails, toilets, water and a drinking fountain. Dogs can swim in a pond located through the east gate at the end of the park.

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Pet friendly hotels in Lake County

Continue here for more information about Lake County Forest Preserve Dog Parks.

Happy National Dog Day and make sure you celebrate the right way – having a blast in a dog park in Lake County.

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