The Lake County Flavor Festival Scoop

LETTUCE a-MAIZE you with subLIME eats you WONTON your plate...

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Are you searching for delectable dishes this Lake County Flavor Festival you CANNOLI dream of? 

It's always difficult to agree on a place, because everyone has their own unique palette to satisfy their taste buds. However, before you make a decision, you might want to check all of the options at your disposal.

During the most delicious week of the year in Lake County, savor the flavor with one of these niche platters. Here's the Lake County Flavor Festival scoop. Stay tuned as we stir more content for more Lake County Flavor Festival Scoops often.

Guide to the Libation Trail During Lake County Flavor Festival

Phase Three Brewing Co. in Lake Zurich, Glunz Family Winery and Cellars in Grayslake, North Shore Distillery in Green Oaks and Pips Meadery in Gurnee

"I get no kick from champagne. Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all. So tell me, why shouldn't it be true? I get a kick out of brew." - the late libation lover Daniel Dumile otherwise known as MF DOOM. Without further adieu, here is your Lake County Libation Trail lineup as you meet your tasting quotas during Lake County February Flavor Festival. 

Guide to Pizza During Lake County Flavor Festival

Bill's Pub in Mundelein and SLYCE Coal Fire Pizza in Vernon Hills

Bill's Pub and Pizza in Mundelein and SLYCE Coal Fired Pizza in Highwood, Vernon Hills and Wauconda

Why aren’t you eating pizza now? Lake County Flavor Festival is the time to visit participating pizza pie parlors in the land of lakes. There’s no escaping it. Pizza is now in our DNA. If we have pizza withdrawal for too long, we could possibly die! No – we are not overreacting. (Yes we are). But we’re not…

Guide to Steak During Lake County Flavor Festival

Steak at Three Embers
Three Embers inside Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

Let’s FLANK to a Lake County Flavor Festival eatery this week and beyond, rest our TENDERLOINS in one of these fine steakhouses, and eat like we’re CLUB members. Remember to FLAT IRON your khakis and SKIRTS before entering. (Are any of these steak puns working for you?).

Guide to Global Cuisine During Lake County Flavor Festival

Mama Jerk n Tings in Waukegan and Singh's Kitchen in Libertyville

Mama Jerk n Tings in Waukegan and Singh's Kitchen in Libertyville

A land of lakes global feast during Lake County Flavor Festival is the next best thing running throughout February. Who says you can’t stay land of lakes local to eat traditional, rustic, ethnic and divine bites like a seasoned traveler abroad? The global cuisine is right at your fingertips.

12 Instagrammable Can and Bottle Art Designs for Lake County Flavor Festival

Lynfred Winery and Liquid Love Brewing Co.
Lynfred Winery in Highland Park and Wheeling and Liquid Love Brewing Co. in Buffalo Grove

 Can and bottle art designs play a significant role in consumers buying said drink. Many of these pieces are stunning and intricate. While the partners on the Lake County Libation Trail definitely don't skimp on the overall vibe of the adult beverage, they unquestionably have a keen eye on what designs are being slapped on their concoctions.

Guide To Desserts During Lake County Flavor Fest 2024

the boardroom libertyville
The Board Room in Libertyville

Embark on a sweet journey during Lake County Flavor Fest, exploring local bakers, gelato makers, cannoli creators and dessert wine enthusiasts. With over 80 participating restaurants, discover new and delectable menu additions throughout the month. Indulge in exclusive dessert creations or standalone delights, promising a diverse and delightful experience for your taste buds.

Guide To Seafood Options During Lake County Flavor Fest 2024

Disotto Italian Restaurant in Highwood

Disotto Italian Restaurant in Highwood.

In Lake County, we have a palette that leans toward the direction of the water. Maybe it’s because of all of the fishing in the over 75 lakes that Lake County offers. Or it’s just because seafood is delicious, healthy, and nourishing.

20 Instagrammable Cuisines from Lake County February Flavor Festival Eateries 2024

Mickey Finn's Brewery in Libertyville
Mickey Finn's Brewery in Libertyville

Do it fior the 'Gram! Explore the most Instagrammable cuisines all over Lake County during Lake County February Flavor Festival. Click the link below to find your next Instagram post.  

Guide to Vegetarian Cuisine During Lake County February Flavor Festival 2024

Singh's Kitchen in LIbertyville

Singh's Kitchen in Libertyville

Forget boring old labels like "vegetarian" or "plant-based." This February, the Lake County Flavor Festival is all about exploding your taste buds with EPIC veggie eats.


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