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The Tempel Lipizzans

17000 Wadsworth Road , Old Mill Creek, IL 60083

Phone: 847.244.5330 | Fax: 847.244.5069

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The Tempel Lipizzans The Tempel Lipizzans The Tempel Lipizzans The Tempel Lipizzans The Tempel Lipizzans The Tempel Lipizzans

Lipizzaner Stallions have been enchanting audiences for 450 years. Witness art and history come to life at one of our summer performances. From the playful bounding of new foals to the strong, precise jumps of our stallions, the whole family will be captivated by the strength, beauty, and intelligence of these horses. Each performance, to music, is a study in classical horsemanship which has been practiced in Europe since the 16th century; the Lipizzaners have been performing at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria since the 1500’s. There are very few places in the United States where such an art can be observed. We offer a taste of Vienna, Austria right in your back yard.

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