Fred Astaire Dance Studios Long Grove

342 Old McHenry Road Long Grove, IL 60047

Phone: 847.634.1100

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Some of the most popular uses are:

Weight Management or Weight Loss: With our low-impact movements, you can start right where you are in your fitness journey.

Stress Relief: Many of us are dealing with stress on levels that are affecting our mental and physical health in negative ways. Take your first steps in managing and lowering your stress levels.

Mental Stimulation: It's important to have mental challenges which keep the brain sharp and prepare it for years to come. Ballroom Dance, because it combines both mental and physical actions, has been shown to help cognitive function.

Social Outlet: Now more than ever, we understand how damaging isolation can be to our health. The Friday Night Social Dances, as well as our weekly classes and lessons, provide a great way to connect with others in your community and expand your social lifestyle.

Whether you're looking to better yourself, have a unique date night with a loved one, or to try a new experience, come see for yourself all the benefits of Fred Astaire Dance Studios Long Grove.

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