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Dungeon of Doom Haunted House

600 29th St. , Zion, IL 60099

Phone: 847.262.3666

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The Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House has been hard at work for the past 8 months preparing our most advanced addition in history. Featuring The Condamned, a new Gateway show, and multiple renovations to fan favorites, 2019 is a year you will not want to miss.

Replacing Caverns, The Condamned is unlike anything we have ever done before and is on an entirely different scale. As you navigate 270º around the exterior of one of the biggest sets we've ever created, you must first treck through the dense forest. Featuring massive custom build life-size trees, boulders, caves, dynamic lighting, and 4 brand new animitronics, the exterior is unlike anything we've ever done. And thats only the beginning.

Also new for 2019 is our reprogramed Gateway show. Featuring all new lighting effects and a audio track custom made from scratch, this years show combines highlights from previous years all into one. This is the most disorienting show we've ever created.

Mercy General Hospital also gets a brand new pre-show for our 2019 season. We cant spoil too much yet, but the ride down to the pits of Mercy can't possibly be fun.

There have also been multiple renovations to fan favorites including the indoor waiting line, an addition to The Boiler Room, new rooms inside The Cabin, new high-tech scares, and so much more.

We have many more announcements to make before opening night on September 27th, so stay tuned.

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