Top 10 Things To Do In November 2023

By: Stephanie Wylie 10/27/2023

November has arrived, painting Lake County in hues of amber and gold. As the crisp autumn breeze rustles the leaves, Lake County comes alive with an array of exciting activities and events. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a foodie, or a culture connoisseur, there's something for everyone. Join us on a journey through the top ten things to do this November in Lake County. From film festivals and festive markets to scenic hikes and heartwarming theater performances, let's dive into the vibrant tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored this month.





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Don't miss out on the start of the holidays and enjoy your November with all there is to do in Lake County. Here are the top 10 things to do in November 2023.

1. Lake County Film Festival at The College of Lake County and The Gorton Center





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Get ready for a cinematic extravaganza as the 13th annual Lake County Film Festival unfolds its reels of creativity and storytelling from November 3 to 5 and November 10 to 12. This year, the festival promises an unforgettable immersion into cinema, bringing together film enthusiasts, directors and actors for an unparalleled experience.

Explore a curated selection of films showcasing diverse genres, styles and narratives, providing something for every movie enthusiast like narratives, documentaries, short films and music documentaries. Engage with talented filmmakers, actors and industry professionals. Gain insights into the creative process during Q&A sessions after select screenings. Screenings will occur at décor College of Lake County in Grayslake, and additional showcases décor the Gorton Center in Lake Forest. Choose from individual film tickets, day passes, weekend passes or opt for the ultimate experience with a complete festival pass.

Join the Lake County Film Festival for captivating stories, artistic brilliance and the joy of shared cinematic experiences. Book your tickets now and let the 13th annual Lake County Film Festival transport you into the enchanting world of cinema.

2. November Festivals (All November)





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As autumn blankets the county, embrace the cozy vibes and explore Lake ’ounty's vibrant scene. Indulge in delectable cuisines, savor artisanal drinks, shop for charming home decor, and mingle in bustling downtown hubs. Dive into the exciting lineup of November's social gatherings.

3. WGN Live Broadcast with Dean Richards at Treetime Christmas Creations





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Get ready to step into a winter wonderland like no other! Join WGN's beloved reporter and film critic, Dean Richards, who will host his annual Treetime Christmas Creations broadcast from their showroom. Set inside the sprawling 50,000 square-foot Christmas winter wonderland showroom in Lake Barrington, where magic comes to life—marvel at the most lifelike artificial Christmas trees that Treetime is renowned for. Dive into a world of sparkling lights, exquisite garlands, charming wreaths and the most unique decorations imaginable. Attendees will experience Richards esteemed broadcast, live performances (TBA) and fare courtesy of Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. This magical event is open to everyone. Visit and immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas as the holiday festivities begin.

4. Holiday Lights in Lake County





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As the holiday season descends upon us, Lake County, Illinois, comes alive with the shimmering glow of festive lights, turning ordinary nights into magical moments. Take a journey through the enchanting displays, where streets transform into dazzling spectacles and homes twinkle with the season's spirit. So, bundle up, bring your loved ones, and let the glow of these brilliant displays brighten your holiday nights. Let the festivities begin! Stay tuned for our holiday lights guide due to release in early November.

5. Hike Lake County at Lake County Forest Preserves





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Lace up your boots, grab your water bottle, and prepare for an outdoor adventure. Lake County, Illinois, is not just a land of shimmering lakes and picturesque landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned trekker seeking challenging terrains or a casual nature lover looking for a serene stroll, Lake County offers diverse hiking experiences. Get ready to discover the unbeaten paths, embrace the tranquility of nature and make unforgettable memories under the open skies. The Hike Lake County Challenge runs through November 30.

6. Live Theatre in Lake County





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As the holiday season dawns upon us, Lake County's theaters come alive with storytelling, music and dance magic. From heartwarming classics to vibrant, contemporary performances, the stages in Lake County transform into portals of imagination and festivity. Whether you're enchanted by the “Nutcracker's” graceful dance, eager to laugh along with a festive comedy or yearning to be moved by a touching drama, Lake County's theaters have something magical for every theater enthusiast. The stage is set and the holiday magic awaits.

7. Turkey Trots in Lake County





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The crisp November air is filled with excitement as Lake County gears up for a time-honored tradition - the Turkey Trot! Communities across Lake County are donning their running shoes, ready to embrace the spirit of gratitude and giving. These festive runs celebrate the joy of running and embody the true essence of community, family and the nature of giving back. So, grab your running shoes, assemble your friends and family and prepare to trot into the heart of Lake County's vibrant autumnal festivities. Ready, get set, trot and let the Thanksgiving celebrations begin!

8. Santa's Arrival in Lake County





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Get ready to sprinkle your holiday season with extra magic as Santa Claus pays a special visit to Lake County! It's the time of year when the jolly old man in the red suit embarks on his festive journey, stopping at some of Lake County's most beloved destinations:

9. Dickens-Kringle Christmas Village in Antioch





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Nestled in the heart of Lake County, Antioch is gearing up to host spectacular events that promise fun, laughter and unforgettable memories for visitors of all ages. An enchanting spectacle awaits in the heart of Antioch, where history intertwines with holiday cheer. Imagine stepping back to Victorian England, where Charles Dickens' beloved characters come to life in a vibrant tapestry of costumes, scenes and storyboards. This delightful experience, Dickens Holiday Village, is a cherished tradition brought to you by the Antioch Chamber of Commerce.

Step into a world of holiday wonder at Kringle's Christmas Village in Antioch! Explore dozens of oversized shadowboxes brimming with charming scenes that will captivate your imagination. Experience the festive spirit in the cozy ambiance of Downtown Antioch. Featured in the indoor showroom featuring a delightful array of shadowbox scenes and festive décor. Witness an unparalleled holiday spectacle! These shadowboxes outshine even the most renowned display windows. Immerse yourself in miniature scenes depicting every facet of life, creating a captivating visual experience like no other. Experience the magic, create cherished memories and celebrate the holidays in the timeless embrace of Dickens Holiday Village and Kringle's Christmas Village.

10. Richardson Christmas Tree Farm in Spring Grove





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As the crisp winter winds start to weave their way through the landscape, families all over the country eagerly anticipate one timeless tradition: picking their own perfect Christmas tree. In the heart of Spring Grove, Illinois, nestled amidst 75 acres of natural beauty, lies Richardson's Christmas Tree Farm, where this cherished tradition transforms into a magical experience. At Richardson's Christmas Tree Farm, this vision comes to life. With over 50,000 trees of various varieties and sizes, finding the tree that perfectly fits your festive vision is not just a possibility; it's a delightful adventure.

Families can explore and pick the tree destined for their home. Richardson's provides all the necessary tools for you to cut down your own tree and then expertly shake out the tree and bundle it up, ensuring it's ready to become the centerpiece of your holiday celebrations.

Fresh, homemade donuts wafting through the air add to the festive ambiance inside the heated barn. Weekends at Richardson's are especially magical. Families can enjoy complimentary wagon rides to and from the fields, transforming the journey into an adventure. While at the farm, take advantage of the opportunity to explore the assortment of fresh wreaths, garlands, decorations and bows. More than just a place to find the perfect tree, Richardson's Christmas Tree Farm is a sanctuary of holiday spirit. Let the enchantment of the farm envelop you, and as you leave with your chosen tree, you'll carry a magnificent centerpiece and a heart full of memories and the spirit of the season.


More Holiday Fun in November

Holiday Your Way





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Embrace the spirit and "Holiday Your Way" to Lake County, Illinois, where the season comes alive in a myriad of festive experiences. Glide through dazzling light displays from the warmth of your car, indulge in delightful holiday dinners with your loved ones or raise a glass to the season on the Lake County Libation Trail. Whether you prefer the twinkling lights of a winter wonderland, the jolly laughter of Santa Claus or the joyous melodies of holiday tunes, Lake County has it all. Stay tuned as Visit Lake County will reveal its dedicated website to the celebration soon. Join in on the festivities across the county including:

Click here to see more things to do in November! There's always time to stop for a drink and get out to a festival!

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