Top 10 Things To Do in June 2024

By: Jonathan Jones 05/23/2024

"In early June, the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes and every sunset is different." said Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck.

Lake County heats up in the summer months with outdoor activities, concerts, festivals, nature exhibitions, great food, live theater and so much more. Don't forget to plan something special for old papa bear as Father's Day is June 16.

While you're out and about - don't forget to capture some video and/or imagery for the #LetsSnapLakeCounty Photo Contest for a chance to win the grand prize of $1000. Submissions close on June 20. Also, stay tuned as we kickoff our Lake County Road Trips campaign. 

The buzz is all over the land of lakes this June as our loud little friends emerge from the ground to host a box social for visitors. Here are your top 10 things to do in June. 

1. June Festivals in Lake County (All June)

Delectable eats, incredible live tunes, thrilling rides, painted faces and exceptional games all await you at June's jam-packed June fest schedule. Get the summer party with one or more of these upcoming June box socials. Stay tuned for a summer festival highlighting all the parties around the county in the next week or so. 

2. Juneteenth and Pride in Lake County (All June)

The land of lakes celebrates the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities throughout June during Pride Month and Juneteenth and beyond. Show your support as we party in Lake County.

3. Ravinia Festival Opens for the Season (June 8-Sept. 15)

Ravinia is a staple of Lake County. Since 1905, the Highland Park fest has featured the top musicians in various genres, making it the oldest outdoor festival in North Americac. As always, Ravinia presents an array of acclaimed artists. Continue scrolling to see some of the notable performances in June. Click the button below to see the full lineup for the season. Ravinia Festival runs on select days through September 15.


4. Butterflies and Blooms at Chicago Botanic Garden (Now through September 2)

Witness the majesty and beauty of the Swallowtail, Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae, Skipperling, and as many as 500 other colorful butterflies and blooms at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The Butterflies & Blooms exhibition highlights species native to Africa, Asia, North America, and South America. The butterflies are housed in a 2,800-square-foot mesh enclosure on the Regenstein Learning Campus. Visitors can see the cocooned caterpillars transform into butterflies through a window in the pupa emergence room. The exhibition is open daily through September 2 (weather permitting).

5. 5Ks and Triathlons in Lake County

June is starting to get hot, but it's still excellent weather to go for a run, bike or swim as you check off the big race off your bucket list. Lake County is home to an array of 5Ks, 10Ks and more that are USTATF-certified courses allowing competitors to partake in much larger marathons. For a list of the month's races, continue to scroll

6. Concerts in the Park in Lake County

Live entertainment always gets your juices flowing when you’re looking for a new tune to hum. Besides Ravinia Festival, there are a ton of shows in the land of lakes cities, villages and townships. Mnay of these events run weekly throughout the summer. Continue scrolling to view them. 


7. Lake County Road Trips

@visitlakecounty “Oh the places you can go” on #LetsGoLakeCounty ♬ free me - Anees

Let's Go, Take a Ride to Lake County, Illinois, and discover the freedom of being able to set your own pace and seek out your own experiences. Your road trip adventure is just a stone's throw away. Take in the scenery on a new avenue and see where it leads. "Oh, the places you'll go" and explore, and those sites, sounds and feels will leave you and the family with memory makers. Lake County Road Trips showcases five different experiences via car, bike or hoofing to create an adventure on the land of lakes' arterial highways: Illinois Route 21, U.S. Route 45, Illinois Route 83, Illinois Route 41 and U.S. Route 12. So this summer, don't just take a road trip. This year there will be a ton of giveaways so stay tuned!

8. Marriott Theatre Productions in June

“There’s no business like show business like no business I know.” Witness the Broadway talent of equity and non-equity Marriott Theatre shows has to offer. Here are some of the centerstage shows in Lake County in June. So remember, “it’s bad luck to say ‘good luck’ on opening night. What you say is ‘break a leg.'”

9. #LetsSnapLakeCounty Photo Contest (Through June 20)

The phrase, "take a picture it'll last longer," takes new meaning as you take your impressive imagery of Lake County. The land of lakes invites you to submit your phenomenal pictures in the third installment of the #LetsSnapLakeCounty Photo Contest. There is an abundance of beautiful, scenic, historical, adventurous, heritage, character and just downright #InstaGood shots of Lake County. Visit Lake County would like to showcase where you live, work, eat, play or shop by sharing your best pictures of the county. We will accept all submissions, but are looking to fulfill these six categories: Video, Outdoor Photos, Family/People Imagery, Dining/Libations, Lake County Events and Other Travel Culture (i.e. architecture, downtown areas, photo manipulation etc.). The last day to submit is June 20, so go get the snapping shutterbugs!

10. Food Truck Events in Lake County (All June) 

If you’ve been under a rock in the last decade, mobile eateries are sweeping the nation. However, believe it or not, the Chicagoland area was one of the late adopters. Not that there weren’t food trucks available out here, but these cuisine-making vehicles were forced to prepare their eats at a commercial kitchen. Since 2012, these mobile chefs received the right to cook onboard a truck, according to the Chicago Tribune. As a result, Lake County hosts four exceptional eating events throughout the summer:

For more things to do in the land of lakes in June, continue here. To learn more about the #LetsSnapLakeCounty Photo Contest, click here.

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