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Six Flags Great America Dining Guide

Fried fare, funnel cakes and other fantastic delights at Six Flags Great America...


When we dream about Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor, we think of coasters, thrill rides, water slides...and well, funnel cakes. Take a look at what your options are in this year's edition of the Six Flags Great America Dining Guide.

After a day of riding speedy coasters, waiting in line and expferiencing a plethora of thrills, everyone gets a little hungry.

Why leave, when you have all you need right inside the Gurnee amusement park? It’s not like the delectable eats are in one little food court like you might find in a pop-up carnival. It’s spread out all around Great America, and the fare is themed to each region's location. Continue here to see all of the different food plans that season ticket holders can obtain.

Treat your taste buds and take a look at the Six Flags Great America Dining Guide in all of its delicious glory.

Carousel Plaza

Attractions: Columbia Carousel

Cotton Candy Factory: Cotton candy, pretzels, nachos and Slurpees

Carousel Coke Kiosk: Pretzels, churros and popcorn

Orleans Place

Go Fresh Cafe

Coasters nearby: SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight, THE DARK KNIGHT COASTER

Primo’s Pizzeria: Pizza, chicken strips, salad and cold beers

Antoine’s: Funnel cake sundaes

Big Lou's: Italian beef, Italian sausage and beer battered chicken tenders

Go Fresh Café: Deli sandwiches, wraps, salads and gluten-free frozen fruit smoothies

SUPERMAN Coke Kiosk: Nachos, popcorn, jumbo pretzels and churros

Mardi Gras

double cheeseburger at Johnny Rockets

Thrill rides nearby: King Chaos

Johnny Rockets: Burgers, shakes, onion rings, fries and kids meals

Hurricane Jane’s: Pretzels, popcorn and other snacks

Yankee Harbor

Coasters nearby: BATMAN: The Ride, Vertical Velocity and THE JOKER 

Funnel Cakes Express: Funnel cake sundaes and ice cream

Angelo’s Pasta & Pizza: Pasta meals and pizza

Jack’s Snacks: Loaded nachos, pretzels and popcorn

Captain Salty’s Snacks: Pretzels, churros and popcorn

Yukon Territory

turkey leg and corn on a cob at Maw & Paw's Trail Grub

Thrill rides nearby: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 

Kiddie Rides: Bedrock Boulder Roller, Spacely’s Sprockets, Little Dipper and Winner’s Go

Maw & Paw’s Trail Grub: Hot dogs and chicken strips

Mooseburger Lodge: Burgers, BBQ, chicken and kids meals

Claimjumpers Chicken: Chicken strips and fish ‘n chips

Sno Mixers: Sno-cones with mix-your-own flavors

County Fair 

Coasters nearby: X-Flight, Demon, Goliath and American Eagle

Totally Kickin’ Chicken: Sauced chicken strips, fries and cold beer

Six Below: Fresh-baked waffle cones, ice cream and create your own creations

Johnny Rockets: Burgers, shakes, onion rings, fries and kids meals

Funnel Cake Foundry: Funnel cake sundaes, ice cream and coffee

Demon’s Funnel Cake and Snacks: Funnel cake sundaes and snacks

Cotton Candy Factory: Flavored popcorn, pretzels and Slurpees

Sticky Fingers: Frozen lemonade, cotton candy, pretzels and Slurpees

Goliath Snacks: Cheesy Ortega nachos, pretzels and popcorn

Kidzopolis Snacks: Gluten-free meals, snacks and Slurpees

X-Flight Snacks: Pretzels, nachos and popcorn

County Fair Food Court

Hand-dipped corn dogs from Andre's

Primo’s Pizzeria: Pizza fries and salad

Go Fresh Café: Salads, grilled and flatbread sandwiches, turkey and veggie burgers

County Fair Grill: Burgers, chicken strips, fries and kids meals

JB Barbeque Express: Pulled pork sandwiches and loaded fries

Taphouse: Pretzels, loaded nachos and cold beer

Andre’s Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs: Corn dogs and chicken strips

Six Below: All things ice cream from renowned Six Below

Blue Ribbon Turkey Legs: Turkey legs and pretzels

Chop Six: Asian cuisine

Hometown Square

Coasters:  Whizzer

Hometown Funnel Cake: Funnel cake sundaes and coffee

Firehouse Snacks: Bavarian Pretzel, filled or plain churro, ice cream novelties

Strutters: Chicken sandwiches, brews and spirits

Trudy's Sweet Shop: Candy, homemade fudge and caramel apples

Primo’s: Pizza, fries and salad

Hometown Square Dippin' Dots: Banana split and mint chocolate, just to name a few

Side Track Sodas: Nachos and jumbo pretzels with cheese

Six Below: Features Breyers Ice Cream, a variety of frozen yogurt and toppings

Trolley Treats: Nachos, pretzels and Slurpees

Southwest Territory

Coasters and thrill rides: Viper, Giant Drop and Raging Bull

Fiesta Fries Cantina: Chicken strips and loaded fresh-cut fries

Six Below: Fresh-baked waffle cones, ice cream and create your own creations

The Oasis: Pretzels, churros, popcorn and Slurpees

JB’s Barbeque and Sports Bar: BBQ, burgers, wings and beer

Hurricane Harbor

Attractions: Riptide Bay, Hurricane Bay, Atomic Slide Complex, Tornado and Bahama Mama and Hurricane Mountain

Pink Flamingo Café: Burgers, chicken, pizza and kids meals

Hurricane Harbor Dippin' Dots: Banana split and mint chocolate, just to name a few

Sno mixer Hurricane Harbor: Shaved ice and assorted flavors, keep it classic or mix it up with as many flavors as you want

Splash Stack: This location features snacks for members of the all-season dining program

Treasure Chest:  Mai tais, draft beer and nachos

Paradise Pizza: Pizza, fries and salad

Saltwater Sal’s: Fish tacos and cold beer

5 O’Clock Phil’s: Cheesy Ortega pretzels, nachos and cold beer

Six Below: Variety of scooped ice, pretzels, nachos and Slurpees

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