Lake County, Illinois Convention and Visitors Bureau - Chocolate and Glass

Chocolate and Glass

Let the ride take you...

"Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart."

- Charles Dickens

We think romance is experienced with the senses and we're here to tickle them all - smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch with "chocolate and glass".

This makes for a fun couples getaway, girls day out, mother and daughter activity or seasonal themed trip. And we can help you build it from there with an evening theatre performance or a painting class for your creative clients!

*This itinerary can be seasonalized with glass shamrocks, flowers, eggs, Hershey Kisses, pumpkins or pendants.

Jayne Nordstrom, Group Tour Manager, Visit Lake County

However you choose to piece together your tour, your knowledgeable Lake County coordinator Jayne Nordstrom will be on hand to assist you.

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