Haunted Attractions in Lake County

By: Jonathan Jones 09/12/2023

Every October, there is a "Monster Mash," and the haunted attractions in Lake County never fail to scare. There is an abundance of courageous souls out there that want to brave the storm of a professional scarer. That said, Lake County holds a Master’s Degree in terrifying individuals.





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For the next month get your fill of spooks, because Lake County has your haunted attraction of choice. Take note that most of these frightening facilities and spirit havens aren’t for youngsters. Let's take a look at the haunted attractions in Lake County and give you "proof that there had been a nightmare, on my street!"

Dungeon of Doom in Zion





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You may be wondering, what’s going on in the old Briquette Factory in Zion. The award-winning Dungeon of Doom Haunted House has moved there and has done its duty in providing a scare zone that doesn't disappoint. For over 25 years, this place is notorious for its reputation for presenting an extremely bone-chilling, wild-ride in Lake County as they celebrate their quarter of century undead day. There is an eery, underground feel to Dungeon of Doom, and they are prepared to scare the living daylights out of you. The Zion facility is open on select days through November 4 and reopens for a couple of dates in mid-December for Sub-Thermal Nightmare.

Dungeon of Doom, 600 29th St., Zion.

Fright Fest presented by SNICKERS® at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee





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The nighttime is the fright time at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee. Fright Fest presented by SNICKERS® has returned. Crypts, ghouls, zombies and everything else Halloween takes over the Gurnee amusement park on select days through October 31. Besides the haunted houses, Six Flags has nine different scare areas to make your leisurely stroll through the park a little bit more intense. Fright Fest is open through Halloween. Here are some of the amusement park's haunted houses.

Besides the haunted houses, there are a variety of scare zones visitors should definitely beware of. There is no such thing as a leisurely stroll available at the Gurnee scare haven as ghouls are spread all over the park to creep and "greet" you. Watch your six!

Six Flags Great America, 1 Great America Pkwy., Gurnee.

Realm of Terror in Round Lake Beach





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The Realm of Terror Horror Experience is one of Chicago and Milwaukee’s premier Halloween attractions located in Round Lake Beach. Thrill-seekers and Halloween enthusiasts alike can expect their biggest and craziest production to date at the 'Realm.' The house of scares has been featured in the Huff Post, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and WGN. The scares may not be appropriate for anyone under 16 years old. The Realm of Terror is open select days through October 29.

Realm of Terror Haunted House, 421 W. Rollins Rd., Round Lake Beach.

Living Spirits and Old Wives Tales

Devil's Gate in Libertyville

According to legend, there was an all-girls school that was located inside of where present-day Independence Grove stands. Apparently one day, someone broke into the school murdering many of the girls. The structure is no longer there, but the front gate still remains. Click here to learn more about this gruesome story.

Cuba Road in Long Grove and Barrington

It is said that a black ghost car appears at night near a cemetery on the Lake County road. There is also a female spirit on the path who emerges carrying a lantern asking drivers for help, but she ultimately vanishes in an instance when they stop for aid. Gangsters also frequented the road during the Prohibition era.


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Karcher Hotel in Waukegan

This Waukegan hotel was built in the 1920s. In the 1980s, a fire killed and injured many of its inhabitants. It is said the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and the basement levels are haunted by a cascade of voices. Orbs have also been caught on security footage.

White Cemetery in Barrington

Glowing orbs, a disappearing house, a glowing mist, a black car and voices of spirits have all been heard or seen at the Barrington cemetery. It is also said that photographs do not develop when taken at White Cemetery.

More Spooky Events


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The list goes on with the haunted attractions in Lake County. Here are some of the spooky fests, events and other Halloween creeps happening around the area.

For more spooks, spirits and haunted attractions in Lake County, continue here. 

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