Asian and Pacific Islander-Owned Businesses in Lake County

By: Stephanie Wylie 05/22/2024

Lake County is a cultural melting pot and this vibrant mix is reflected in the diversity of its businesses. Foodies seeking to tantalize their taste buds, shoppers seeking handcrafted goods or a memoriable cultural experience, look no further than the many talented artisans and shopkeepers within the Asian and Pacific Islander community.  Whether you're discovering familiar favorites or hidden gems, Lake County's Asian and Pacific Islander-owned businesses offer a chance to connect with the community, support local entrepreneurs and broaden your horizons.

As a leader in Lake County's tourism industry, we strive to be a forum that showcases diversity and the Asian American community. Let's take a look at the Asian and Pacific Islander-owned businesses in Lake County.

This list does not include every black-owned business in Lake County, so if we missed any, let us know so we can add them!

Dangelas Dumplings in Libertyville

Angela Xu, an Illinois Maker, invites you to experience a delightful portal to Northern Chinese cuisine at Dangela's Dumplings. This restaurant prides itself on authenticity, with each dumpling crafted by hand using time-tested methods passed down through generations and locally made goods. Freshness is paramount – the skilled staff prepares these delectable pockets daily, ensuring every bite bursts with flavor. But Dangela's Dumplings offers more than just delicious food; it provides an interactive experience. Large windows in the dining area offer a glimpse into the kitchen, where curious customers can witness the dumpling-making process firsthand. Watching the delicate folding techniques and meticulous filling preparation is a fun and educational activity for diners of all ages, transforming a simple meal into a captivating cultural immersion.

Feather Glass Wine Bar and Eatery in Vernon Hills

Escape to Feather Glass Wine Bar & Eatery in Vernon Hills, where owner Purvi Damani-Patel proudly brings a new dining experience to the area. Purvi spent months curating the perfect selection of wines and beers, making it a go-to spot for wine lovers and casual drinkers alike. This modern haven offers a global wine list alongside local gems, while their international fusion menu presents unexpected culinary delights. Purvi's vision extends beyond the plate, creating a welcoming space that transforms for every mood. Enjoy a quiet corner, lively social gatherings, or a private celebration in the back room. Feather Glass is more than a meal; it's a community. Join their Wine Club, attend exclusive events, or become part of their growing team. Let Feather Glass craft your story, one delicious sip and unforgettable bite at a time.

Liquid Love Brewing in Buffalo Grove

Calling all craft beer enthusiasts! Head to Liquid Love Brewing Company in Buffalo Grove, founded by Mannish "Manny" Khosla, the passionate Founder, Head Brewer, and President. Manny has been in the beer industry since 2008 and is dedicated to traditional lager-style brewing. His journey took an exciting turn in 2020 when he delved into the world of sours, and he hasn't looked back since. Experience their "Arterial Alchemy," a testament to the brewery's commitment to using the freshest ingredients to craft unique and flavorful beers. Liquid Love's selection is defined by boldness and balanced by their love for delicious food and art. Beyond their core brews, they foster a collaborative spirit, partnering with breweries near and far. Feeling peckish? Food trucks roll up regularly, and the welcoming atmosphere extends to your furry best friend – Liquid Love is dog-friendly! So raise a glass and "Do it for the Love" at Liquid Love Brewing Company!

Phase Three Brewing

Phase Three Brewing, a craft brewery in Lake Zurich, quickly made a name for itself in the local beer scene. Central to its success is Brittany Berns, whose artistic vision and design talents have played a significant role in the brewery's branding and identity. Brittany has been instrumental in shaping the visual identity of Phase Three Brewing. Her graphic design skills bring the brand to life through captivating can art that attracts customers and tells a story. Each design is a reflection of the brewery's ethos and the collective journey of its founders. Her designs are a fusion of her creative background and the brewery's innovative approach to craft beer. This unique blend has helped Phase Three stand out in a competitive market, earning them a loyal following. Today, Phase Three Brewing boasts more than 12 tanks, a significant expansion from their humble beginnings. Their dedication to quality and continuous improvement is evident in every beer they produce. Phase Three Brewing is more than just a business; it’s a testament to the power of friendship, creativity, and hard work.

Singh's Kitchen in Libertyville

Singh's Kitchen in Libertyville, Illinois, owned by Anmol Chandock, the proud recipient of the Daily Herald's Reader Choice Best of the Best Award for Best New Restaurant, isn't just about Indian food; it's a culinary journey that bridges cultures. Inspired by the Punjabi word "Singh," meaning lion, the restaurant infuses its menu with bold flavors, embodying the courage and strength of the lion. Anmol's family recipes, passed down through generations in Bombay, India, intertwine with American influences, creating a unique dining experience. Whether you crave the comfort of traditional Indian dishes or are curious about a modern Indian-American fusion, Singh's Kitchen promises a meal steeped in history and bursting with flavor.

For ways to support Asian and Pacific Islander American businesses in Lake County and in the Land of Lincoln, continue here.

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