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Rage of the Gargoyles debuts this weekend

By: Jonathan Jones 08/11/2016

day_4_0day_4_0Rage_of_the_GargoylesKeyArt new_revolution_vr_on_ninja_at_sfsl_3_8Remember the Demon Roller Coaster.

Well obviously you do, because it still stands. The Demon has gotten a facelift with an additional virtual reality goggles brought to the 1976-born coaster.

Once those goggles go over your eyes, you are in another world: The world of Gargoyles. You and your neighbor in the next seat sit together in a helicopter to extinguish the Rage of the Gargoyles – which is the name of the ride.

hqdefaultThis isn’t Six Flags Great America’s first rodeo with virtual reality. At the beginning of the summer, the Gurnee amusement park opened up the new thrilling 4D interactive ride called JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis. Continue here for more information about JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Rage of the Gargoyles debuted this morning. This is the latest innovation and technology. No other ride in the world has this virtual reality experience. It marries virtual reality with reality utilizing the Samsung 7 – the latest phone in their collection that is connected to the goggles.

Six Flags and Samsung partnered up to create this experience.

sfgam_demon_0Challenging the Demon is enough of a feat; this coaster takes you through two vertical loops before pouring you into two consecutive corkscrews. Put on the Samsung Gear VR Headset powered by Oculus and you will be enveloped into a dire situation. The city has fallen and only you can save it from the siege from the underworld. Fight back using your trigger on your headset while you twist and flip in your chopper in perfect synch with the coaster itself.

Sara and I took the challenge and rode this gargoyle/snake coaster twice. Maybe you will fare better than I in defending the fallen city. I was doing well in the beginning until the gargoyles ripped our chopper and tossed my avatar from it hundreds of feet in the air. I then somehow regenerated into another body and did well again. However, by the time the Demon halted an even bigger gargoyle had me by the throat with a chain.

I scored just over 21,000 points. Let us know how many points you post.

The ride opens this weekend and it comes just in time for Frightfest. Fright Fest presented by SNICKERS stretches from September 24-October 31.

Watch below as Sara and I take the Rage of the Gargoyle Challenge. Let’s go Lake County!

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