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Giving visitors to Lake County the ultimate “Customer Experience” is the best sales and retention tool we can offer. Visit Lake County engaged Stephanie (Leese)Emrich of Service Speaks Solutions to conduct a live workshop for many of our key partners, coaching them through principles and actions they can convey to their teams. Treating guest with a higher level of service should be our everyday goal.

We offer these video segments to our Lake County hospitality industry friends, in hopes they’ll share these videos with their staffs and front-line people.



  1. VLC’s Service Culture 
Explore the upward shift from Customer Service to Customer Experience cultures. Lean into what VLC members consider service-savvy businesses --- beyond a transaction, make it an experience! Organizations benefit when they form partnerships and are good neighbors to unify Visit Lake County’s service culture.

  2. The Customer Journey + Moments of Truth
How do you make an imprint on your customer every time? Be inspired to know the Moments of Truth of your business. Discover at least five touchpoints of when and where you can create an impression on your customers.

  3. VLC: CX Elevation!
Think about exceeding expectations by impacting the Customer Experience, deepening the relationship and establishing loyalty. Examples of greetings, positive word usage, listening, reflection and being present. Learn the value of ESP: Experiential. Subjective. Personal.

  4. 7 Elements of Guest Service Champions
Discover the Gold Service standards of Certified Guest Service Professionals (CGSP’s). Relate to the stories behind Authenticity, Intuition, Empathy, Champion, Delight, Delivery, and Initiative [per the American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute].


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