Native Seed Nursery

19876 W. Washington St. Grayslake, IL 60030

Phone: | Toll Free: 847.276.5379

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Rare and hard-to-collect seeds of different native species are carefully grown here.

The nursery gives our restoration ecologists access to these rare plants that were previously cost prohibitive or unavailable.

The plants grown here are used to restore native habitat through the forest preserves.

The greenhouse is used in late winter and spring to jump-start plants for the nursery grounds.

Many species in the nursery are sensitive and do better when started in a controlled environment where it is possible to make the most of the small quantities of seeds.

Seed Processing Facility Seeds are separated from unwanted plant materials, known as chaff, mixed and stored until time to reintroduce them into the preserves.

Seeds are also collected in the preserves and brought to this facility to be processed and stored. Nursery Grounds A 5-acre mix of woodland, wetland and prairie plants is located just outside the greenhouse.

This area is surrounded by deer fence to protect the growing plants.

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