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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Doomed to be Scared at the Dungeon by Teraya Lewis
Around this time every year people from all over go out to get spooked, scared and frightened by the things that haunt them the most, this season would be Halloween. Why not go to the “Best Haunted House in Chicagoland” this year, the Dungeon of Doom which people from all over have gone to when it was at the Lake County Fair Grounds. It moved to Zion, Illinois in the Warwick building which in itself is said to be haunted. Be prepared for a scare of a lifetime as you enter the parking lot and all the way through the two-story Dungeon of Doom building.

While waiting to get in, you could see people quickly leaving the line not wanting to go inside. Outside there are clowns and dead guys roaming the area looking to scare you. Be careful what you do because they will come after you, even if you’re not scared they’ll find a way to make you jump out of your socks.
In my experience the best part was the mental hospital that they have set up with crazy doctors and patients. It’s unavoidable not to be scared when turning the corners in the different mazes, because everywhere you look someone jumps out and scares you. I would advise people not to antagonize the characters because they will retaliate to make sure you are scared out of your mind the whole way through. This is said from experience, because three different times I was escorted an alternate way then my group was and left to find my way back to them. It’s tons of fun and I’m positive you’ll have a blast.

The Dungeon of Doom is fun for the whole family; bring everyone out to see the clowns, games, mysteriousness and plain scary looking characters that have been successfully created to scare you. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Thanks to everyone who works at the Dungeon of Doom for making this the best Halloween scare in town.

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