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Can't wait to ride Raging Bull this weekend at Six Flags Great America

By: Jonathan Jones 05/03/2013


[caption id="attachment_1375" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America - Opening Weekend May 4 - 5"]Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America [/caption]

It is that time of year again folks, Six Flags Great America will be back in action beginning this weekend.  From visiting almost every year Six Flags has yet to disappoint me and I expect no different this season.  Ever since the 2012 release of X-Flight there has been some stiff competition of how to get that adrenaline thrill to the highest level.  I would have to say that even with the modern structure and effects of X-Flight, the highest thrill still belongs to the legendary Raging Bull. 

[caption id="attachment_1376" align="alignright" width="195" caption="Superman at Six Flags Great America"]Superman at Six Flags Great America[/caption]

Going on its 14th season at Great America, Raging Bull is still the tallest roller coaster at the park with the 20-story high hill. Even without the fancy corkscrews and loops seen in rides like Batman: The Ride, and Superman: Ultimate Flight; reaching a speed of about 73 MPH and heavy drops there are always screams of joy (with a hint of fear as well.) I’ve already grabbed my season pass and am waiting very impatiently to ride it once again…and again….and again. No matter the length of the line, I’ll wait.

With the new warm weather that showed up, I’m excited to see that Six Flags is opening up already. I just cannot wait to spend an eventful weekend there riding the coasters and filling my thrill seeking addiction. Even if you can only come out for a day to the park it would be worth your while. If you’re afraid of heights and coasters, or have young ones to bring along, there are other sections and rides available for all levels of thrill seekers and all ages.  For those afraid to ride, all I can say is: hold on tight, close your eyes, and be ready for a crazy ride.  Let’s all get ready for another fun filled season at Six Flags Great America.

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