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Wine and Wild

A tour featuring Illinois wine and wild places to eat and visit!

Your morning starts off with a visit to Vigneto del Bino Winery, a boutique winery in Antioch specializing in “Wines grown from local Vines”. The winery sits on one acre of a 10 acre property surrounded by 2,300 grapevines. Vigneto del Bino specializes in producing unique wines from grapevines that grow here in Illinois. American and French-hybrid grape varietals, such as: Brianna, Frontenac, Marquette, Sabrevois, St. Pepin, Frontenac Gris, Sommerset and Edelweiss are prominent in the vineyard.  Your group will tour the vineyard and experience a wine tasting.

Lunch is at the famous Rainforest Café, a wild place to shop and eat!  You have many options but the most popular is the family-style or shared meal which can include the China Island Chicken Salad, Rainforest Burger & Fries, Jungle Turkey Wrap, Fried Shrimp, Pita Quesadilla and more.  Save room for dessert and time for purchases in the retail area. 

Your afternoon tour is at the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest.  WDC is a living natural history museum and one of the region’s unique hidden gems. It is a place of learning and wonder, where people of all ages can explore the important concepts of wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship in an intimate setting. The learning journey brings visitors face-to-face with a variety of (many of them rescued) reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals.  Set on Elawa Farm, which is one of the Armour family’s properties, you will also learn of its history starting as a gentlemen’s farm.   We suggest that you schedule your tour on a day when they have the Garden Market to partake of fresh produce, flowers and homemade soups and breads. 

Should you wish to schedule a sweet stop before heading home, Sweet Pete’s Candy in Lake Forest has scrumptious homemade chocolates and treats.

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