Waukegan Savanna

38820 N. Delany Rd. Wadsworth, IL 60083

Phone: 847.367.6640

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Within the preserve are two unique special use areas.

Each area has a separate entrance off of York House Road. Permits are required for use.

Waukegan Savanna Horse-Drawn Vehicle Use Area: A gravel parking lot located off York House Road just west of Delany Road provides access to grass trails designed for horse-drawn vehicle use.

Sleighs, horse carts and gigs can use this area.

Entrance is on the north side of York House Road just west of Delaney Road.

Permit required for horse-drawn vehicle use. Hikers using this area must keep dogs leashed and on the grass trails at all times, and pick up after them.

Hikers must yield to horse-drawn vehicles.

Waukegan Savanna Dog Park: At this 11-acre Dog Park, dogs can run and play off-leash.

It is entirely fenced and has a separate enclosed area for small dogs.

The entrance is on York House Road just east of Delany. Permit required use.


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