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Stein of Music - No Pants Polka

Friday, September 29, 2023 - Saturday, September 30, 2023

Buffalo Creek Brewing
360 Historical Lane
Long Grove, IL 60047
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Stein of Music - No Pants Polka

Presenting Lake County's newest sensation, the "No Pants Polka Band"! Led by the brilliant Paul Hefner, lead trombone player of the esteemed Lake County Symphony Orchestra, this group is poised to redefine Oktoberfest entertainment.

Combining the cherished tunes of traditional Oktoberfest music with their own contemporary flair, the No Pants Polka Band delivers an unforgettable experience. Their full brass section, accordion, clarinet, guitar, bass, and keyboard create a symphony of sound that bridges the past and present. Prepare for a musical journey that encompasses everything from classic polkas to modern pop favorites, all expertly crafted for a foot-tapping, sing-along extravaganza. Get ready to raise your steins and dance the night away with the No Pants Polka Band!

For more information, call 847.821.6140

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