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BC Brewing - Improve Workshops

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Buffalo Creek Brewing
360 Historical Lane
Long Grove, IL 60047
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BC Brewing - Improve Workshops

Improv training helps you gain more self-confidence, think quicker, and become a better listener. But most importantly, it's a lot of FUN! Super-Duper for Self-Confidence, Delightful for Date Night! Fantastic for FUN!and Terrific for Team Building! An Improv Workshop is a lot of fun and can be an incredible skill for improving communication and teamwork. It lightens the mood, breaks you out of your comfort zone, and teaches you how to think on your feet.

The beauty of Improv is that there is never a right or wrong answer. It's all about working together and having fun.

There is so much opposition and resistance to new ideas in the world. Improv training teaches you to say, "Yes, and!" With this training, you will learn how to give recognition to what others have to say and enhance their ideas with your own thoughts. It's through this partnership that new ideas are born.

For more information, call 847.821.6140

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