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Boating Website Launch Event at Gordy's Marine in Fox Lake

By: Jonathan Jones 06/27/2013

I have a confession to make.

I live in Lake County, but had not been on the Chain O’Lakes until this week. And I fully understand that this is a contradiction, but I honestly had no idea how accessible it really was until now.  Its hard to start from scratch and try to figure it all out by myself.  Luckily, the new boating website makes it easy to enjoy the summer on the water in Lake County.

Gordy's Marine Fox Lake

We had all met at Gordy's Marine in Fox Lake for's launch party and as the clouds parted near the end of the event, we set out on an absolutely perfect evening for a sunset cruise around Fox Lake.

I cannot describe how easy Gordy’s of Fox Lake made my first Lake County boating experience.  Owner, Jim Kelsey is a wealth of inside knowledge about responsible boating on the Chain and his store has everything from water ski ropes and life jackets to rental slips and boats for purchase.

[caption id="attachment_1626" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Jim Kelsey from Gordy's Fox Lake"]Jim Kelsey[/caption]

As the summer carries on and I continue to explore this new boating world, I know that has everything I need (and don't even know that I need) to enjoy a fun and safe boating adventure.  Just a few minutes on this website and I suddenly know that I can rent a kayak about ten minutes from where I live.  And it turns out I can rent anything from a paddle board or canoe to a power boat or pontoon.  There’s even a link for lakeside dining (my absolute favorite kind of dining) that includes a bunch of mom and pop restaurants that are too busy whipping up delicious home cookin’ to worry about running their own websites.

Having been (very) newly introduced (as in yesterday) to the boating culture of Lake County, the one thing that I can tell for sure is that these people love their boats.  And how could you not?  It’s contagious out here.  The beautiful glass surface of the lake reflecting the summer sky, the setting sun peeking through the tree lined islands and passionate boaters who do all the heavy lifting for us newbies.

I feel like has unlocked the secrets to a boating community that even though I’m just getting to know, I can already tell that I’m going to love.

Let the ride take you to Fox Lake and share your photos with us at  #Visitlakecounty & #LakeCountyIllinois

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