Birch Beverages

720 Milwaukee Ave. Gurnee, IL 60031

Phone: 847.302.8764

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Birch Beverages

Birch Beverages' mission is to aid in the revitalization of the hospitality industry by creating the first-ever profit-sharing spirits brand consisting of three premium spirits: Birch Vodka, Gin and Rum. Birch Beverages redistributes 100% of the Birch retail proceeds back to their Hospitality Partners, in addition to a 10% rebate on anything they purchase for their location. Birch Partner accounts are continually advertised/highlighted on social media and in Birch Marketing & PR. Their plan is to pioneer a regrowth for the restaurant industry and the livelihoods of the bar & restaurant owners along with the workers that were impacted from these Covid-19 closures.

Purchase with a purpose!

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5465 West Grand Avenue, Suite 100
Gurnee, Illinois 60031
Phone: 847-662-2700

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